April 2024

Murder of Patricia Beard

The homicide of Patricia Beard become a harrowing event that shook the community to its center, leaving a lasting effect on all those worried. Here’s a greater specific exam of the case: 1: Background of Patricia Beard: Patricia Beard, a 23-12 month old vintage college student who was regarded for her warm personality, academic ability […]

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Murder of Sherri Rasmussen

The murder of Sherry Rasmussen is a tragic case of hyper-profile that occurred in 1986. Sherry Rasmussen, a twelve-month-old 29-month old-fashioned nurse, turned upside down in a daze, and threw up gun when he lost his life in his Los Angeles home Initially, the case modified into treated as a burglary long beyond incorrect. However,

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Murder of the Lyon Sisters

The Lyon sisters case is a sad and notorious abduction/homicide case that came about in 1975. Katherine and Sheila Lyon, aged 10 and 12 respectively, disappeared from a shopping center in Maryland, USA. Their disappearance sparked a large search attempt and became one of the most notorious lacking persons cases inside the Washington, D.C. Vicinity.

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Where are the Sodder children?

The five Sodder brothers, who disappeared in a mysterious West Virginia residence fire on Christmas Eve 1945, have never been found and the timing of their disappearance remains rumored and manipulated. Despite exceptional research and investigation, there has never been conclusive proof of their fate. The Sodder kid’s disappearance is one of the maximum baffling

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What is Area 51

Area fifty one is a enormously secretive United States Air Force facility located in the Nevada desert. It has been the situation of numerous conspiracy theories and speculation because of its secretive nature and its affiliation with labeled military initiatives. Officially, it’s miles part of the Nevada Test and Training Range, and its number one

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